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We know you try to be cautious of what you let in and on your body. Let us help with products you can trust. Our priority is to keep you on track with what you believe is best for you! At Oh Hunni Skincare, we are on a mission to offer products that help you return to the base of simple, elegant beauty with effective ingredients designed to make you feel luxurious in its natural-rooted state.


Oh Hunni’s vision is to create safe and natural products while cultivating an inclusive community surrounding health and inner confidence. We want each person who shops our products to feel powerful in their skin. We promise to continue expanding our artistry and shatter the narrative of what's deemed healthy and effective with your support. We aim to lift the spirits of what feels like skincare from the inside and out.


Oh Hunni guarantees that our products are made with all natural ingredients, however, we advise that you do a patch test before use. If skin reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. If after a few minutes you do not experience irritation or redness, Oh Hunni, you're in the clear!


At Oh Hunni, we aim to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with our customers. By designing products with you in mind, we hope that our customers enjoy our products and feel welcomed to share their honest opinions. In an ever-changing skincare industry, we take our commitment and mission seriously to bring you the best of handcrafted quality items. Giving you products you love allows us to continue to do what we love and appreciate each customer who supports our brand.

Oh Hunni, where are you located?

The Buzz About Oh-Hunni

This Refresh Body Butter is perfect for my dry Florida skin!  I love the fact that I can put completely natural ingredients on my skin that won't keep drying it out.  It's moisturizing without being greasy, and it lasts for hours and hours, but if you're anything like me you won't be able to stay away that long, because this stuff is addictive!  The scent is light and calming, and it just feels good on my skin! Thank you for giving me the perfect solution (without chemicals) to this Florida heat!


Oh Hunni is both soothing and effective. I love the way it hydrates my skin without making it feel sticky. I was especially surprised by the fact that it helped soothe my sunburn and it makes my skin look and feel healthy. I have Refresh and I’m excited to try out the other products!


I am using Oh Hunni, Refresh (lemon) and Oh Hunni, Relax (lavender) and I am in Oh So love with them! The scents are both refreshing and sinks into my skin quickly without feeling greasy. It does all the things that you'd expect from shea butter. They leave a light, long lasting fragrance on my skin. The scents are very soothing & relaxing. A little goes a long way. I’ve been using them from head to toe for 2 weeks and there is only a small amount missing out of the jars. 


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