Meet the Maker


Founder and CEO, Shanna Gilliard

I developed Oh Hunni because skincare was a factor that used to be problematic for me and my family. When my son showed signs of excessive dryness, I searched for healthy solutions that wouldn't further irritate his skin. With no luck and only poorly formulated alternatives, I reverted to my roots of relying on home-grown natural remedies. It was then that I not only saw improvements in my son's skin but was reminded of the impactful benefits of all-natural ingredients. In an industry where there are ever-changing skincare trends and quick but harmful products, I knew that there was a need to establish change and return back to the foundation of all that nature has to offer. Oh Hunni is a skincare brand that not only cares for your skin as earth intended but educates in the importance of organic ingredients and awareness of what goes onto and into our bodies. With a fast-growing online presence, Oh Hunni Skincare continues to expand our business and remains consistent in our mission of producing high-quality handmade products, with love, that serve all skin types.



The Alligator 2019


The Alligator 2020


Young House Love - 2020


Aby In Real Life - 2021


WUFT - 2021

Orlando Voyager - 2021

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